ITG is excited to bring slot car racing back to the Los Angeles area in both H.O. and 1/32 scale. We have a brand new TOMY 4-lane H.O. scale track with a computerized lap counting system, banked turns, criss-crosses, squeeze tracks, and a lap length of almost 70 feet per lane. Our 4-lane 1/32 scale track also features a computerized lap counting system and covers over 130 square feet.

ITG is a NEW slot car club dedicated to bringing back this classic hobby. Our club is always looking for new members and is open to ages 5 and up. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.....(YES, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SLOT CAR!) All of our tracks are 100% transportable! We are also available for Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, or ANY social occasion. 30 day advance notice required.

Club races will be held at least twice a month along with a few weekly races (depending on core members schedules). Members are also welcome to attend any ITG event such as hobby shows, conventions, and store promotions. All membership fees go towards supporting the club as well as building more unique tracks to race on.

* From left to right: Uno, Marc, Carlos, Bill, Melissa and “Pops”.

Designed by Bill Wong